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Below you will find a building list and image slideshows
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Resort Hotel 22 room hotel complete with pool, tennis courts,gym and much more
Redstone Library Collection of redstone gates
Pyramid #1 4 seprate mob traps Lava1, Lava2, Arrow1, & TNT1
Pyramid #2 A Diamond, 2 pyramids on top of each other (hollow)
Shrub Maze A 80x80 shrub maze complete w a tunnel and more
Casino Hotel A 22 room hotel w 4 banquet rooms and full Casino
Castle Park Full Castle w dungeons, roman bath, wizard tower, pirate ship
Sky Condos two towers with 10 floors of condos each
Train Depot A subway station with 10 different subways & expresses
Farms Store with an auto cactus and wheat farm
Community One 20 Community plots for our population complete with gates
Austin State Prison Full state prison with 30+ doors wired to a single control room
City Jail An underground jail with 15 doors wired to a single control room
Observatory Complete with telescope and more
Connect 4 A working connect 4 game, with "Vegas style lights"
Slime Company Slime chunk with 3 slime farms in it
Airport Single runway airport with parking and shuttles
Windmill A power gathering windmill to keep our city green!
Army Base A full base with barracks, submarine, and plenty more
Urban Combat Arena A mini city with spawners in each house
CDC A center for dieases control, complete with labs
MCX Park Complete amusment park with 15+ working rides
Mc Donalds & 7-11 While thats what they are...
Mob Arena Giant mob arena with a 20 story 4 wide mob elevator
NASA Rocket, ships shuttles, and much more
Condo Row A collection of condos lakeside
Hospital 5 story hospital with an ER, obgyn, and icu/ccu sections
Players Place 4 condos dedicated to gamers, complete with game room
City Center A place for the community to gather
Check Cashing If you need cash this is the place
Castle Giant castle with wizard tower and pirate ship
Cruise Ship Port 3 cruise ships and seaport center
Lighthouse a working light house to guide ships into port
Windmill Green power source for our map